Lots of people have lots of questions. We're willing to answer any that you may have! However, there's a good chance that the question you have may have been asked before once or twice (or 50 times).  Here's your chance to get the answer you're looking for before you even come in, just to save yourself a little time.  For anything else, feel free to ask us!

Do You Cater?

No, but we do offer Party Trays that can be ordered and delivered (dependent upon location and order size).

Do You Have Combos?

Our "Sandwich of the Day" Lunch Special includes chips and a drink, and ends at 3pm.  All other items sold separately.

Is there another Hoody's Subs?

Right now, there is just one location at 1205 Round Rock Ave, in Round Rock (right across from Round Rock High School).

Can I Call In An Order?

Yes! We have menus available at the shop, or you can check out our full menu here on the site!

Do You Have Kid's Subs?

We actually don't have kid's sandwiches, but we'd be glad to work with you on meeting both you and your child's needs.

Do You Offer delivery?

Sadly, we can't offer delivery for individual sandwiches, however we can deliver party trays (see question #1 above)!