Our story

Back in the early 80's, Richard "Hoody" Hood started up a successful local sandwich franchise in Austin with his business partner, to battle the growing number of fast food places popping up all over the landscape.

After deciding that he only wanted to offer his customers the highest quality product possible, he parted ways with his business partner, and soon after started HOODY'S.

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the Menu

Whether you're craving a hot sandwich fresh off the grill, or a refreshing cold sub to beat the heat, Hoody's is the place where you'll find only the finest Boar's Head meats and cheeses, with fresh veggies prepared daily. 

Finish off your sandwich with a bag of chips and an ice-cold soda or iced tea, and don't forget to grab a TasteyCake before you head out the door.

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10am - 7pm
 10am - 7pm
 10am - 7pm
 10am - 7pm
 10am - 7pm
 10am - 7pm

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